The best Drama Rehearsal Space in Hyderabad for best prices!

Tired of confining yourself to a tiny room for your Drama practice?



Your quest for the perfect Drama Rehearsal Space ends here.

Poorna provides a spacious hall with all the required amenities and facilities. While rehearsing at Poorna, you will not have to worry about anything else but your play!  Our team of trained experts and amicable staff is fully committed to making your rehearsal at Poorna a pleasant experience. From Audio Visual arrangements to refreshments for your teamamtes, Poorna’s crew is always at your service.


A spacious and double spaced Drama Rehearsal Space at Madhapur, Hitech city!

The large, double space hall of Poorna konvention can accommodate multiple practices at the same time, making it a unique choice for rehearsals. The parking lot is super generous making it easy for your teammates to park their vehicles. Being placed in the heart of Madhapur, Hitech city, Poorna marks itself as the best venue for everyone to locate.

And the fact that you can turn your drama rehearsal space into the main stage for your final performance is the juicy cherry on the top!

A Drama Rehearsal Space that is exclusively yours!

Once you book Poorna for your Rehearsals, you can be certain of an uninterrupted and peaceful practice. The hall will be all yours! The large hall will also ensure that loud music will not disturb the people around, making your practice a stress free and fruitful session!

Corporate Hall

Have the most fruitful rehearsals with Poorna!

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